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Galvanic auxiliary



Unlike MF, Albrite 159 contains an anti-smoke additive which makes it possible to reduce the emissions of vapors which develop during the chemical reaction, useful in those situations where the environmental parameters are more stringent.

At an operational level, the chemical brightening obtained with MF ALBRITE 171 consists of a simple immersion and is applied to a wide range of alloys having different degrees of purity. The degree of finish obtained is superior to that produced only by mechanical cleaning and brushing; moreover small scratches and other imperfections are eliminated. Elements coming from die castings, extrusions and in general from thermal processing can be cleaned but can be honed satisfactorily only if they are free from casting imperfections and if they are made with low silicon content alloys.

Chemical brightening is an essential step in the production of anodized material such as finishes for profiles of various kinds and sizes, the automotive and motorcycle industry (transport in general), large-consumption components such as the mechanical, cosmetic, eyewear sectors, etc. and anodized materials and anodized – colored.

MF-Albrite 171 is supplied in approved 1000 liter cubes or bulk in tankers and is ready for use.



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